Mission Statement

  • To provide workable methods of abatement and help employers in reducing work- related injuries,
  • To be a first class leader in the Safety & Health consulting field, and
  • To develop and promote policies and activities which promote a positive safety & health image for the employer that can improve productivity and morale among employees


Recognizing and identifying the needs of my clients, building relationships through one on one communication, and showing my clients new ways to approach, identify and eliminate hazardous safety and health-related workplace conditions.


  • To improve knowledge & skills through training, education and networking
  • Achieve and maintain competency in the practice of the Profession
  • Inform my clients when my professional judgment indicates that there is an unacceptable level of risk/loss
  • To respect the rights of others and the property of others
  • To practice courtesy at all times, being honest & sincere
  • To be conscious of my personal appearance and dress appropriately for the task
  • To take pride in mt company and its work by controlling self behavior and language
  • To respect the opinions of others and to be tactful with any difference of opinions
  • To share my educational and professional experiences to help my clients
  • To serve as an agent and trustee, avoiding any appearance of conflict of interest and to keep all workplace findings confidential, and
  • Assure competent services to everyone.